Music for Young Children® (MYC) is “The high note in music learning!” MYC is a carefully balanced music program with age-appropriate entry levels for children ages 4 to 9. Music for Young Children® is the only music educational program that encompasses learning to play the piano (keyboard) along with all the building blocks for ongoing success in developing music skills. MYC makes having a music lesson fun!

MYC kidsStudents and their parent/guardian meet for up to an hour each week in a small group setting of up to six students. Learning music in a group has many benefits. Lessons are fun and many friendships are formed. The cost for a one-hour lesson is only $18.00, less than the average 1/2 hour private piano lesson in St. Thomas.

Classes start in September and run for 36 consecutive weeks.  Please contact the studio at 519-633-7556 or email for information.