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21st Century Singing

Susan’s philosophy is simple. Learn how to break your bad vocal habits and learn what’s standing in the way of getting the singing voice you always wanted. Then develop your vocal technique to its fullest. Next, obtain performance skills and confidence. Lastly, put that performance into action on a real stage with a real audience.

Because you learn how to sing and not what to sing, 21st Century Singing can be applied to any type of music; Broadway, Country, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Contemporary, R&B and classical! Learn how to control your voice and make the sounds you want without unnecessary strain.

21st Century Singing is for children and adults; amateurs and professionals. Whether you are learning to sing for your own pleasure, or in a band working 5 nights a week, 21st Century Singing can help you.

Do You Want To Hit Unbelievable High Notes?

Do You Want A Voice With Power And Loudness?

Do You Want To Be Able To Do All Of That As Easily As You Hum?

Small group, workshops and private lessons available.

For more information please contact the studio at 519-633-7556.

Online lessons are available. High speed internet and a webcam with microphone are needed.

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