Vanessa, singer/songwriter, Germany The great thing about Susan is, that she not only knows exactly how the voice works, she is able to combine many different techniques to get you to the sound you want to produce! She is able to explain very well and can give you good visuals to get a better understanding of everything. Susan wants you to really understand what you’re doing and why you need to be doing it!

Steve M.  After reading Susan’s blog, I thought I would try a few lessons on Skype. I feel so great after my lessons! Susan keeps me focused on my vowel placement and volume control. I feel so great when I sing my songs after vocalizing with Susan. I sing in a band and notice my voice is much easier to control now.

Bob M.  Susan has improved the strength and tone of my head voice, and she has taught me how to increase my range. I’m reaching my higher notes with ease. I am now hitting my third bridge and learning how to use it without strain.

Amy W.  One of my main challenges has been breath control, and she’s given me the guidance and exercises to hold back that air, and maintain a pure sound throughout a song. Sue has provided me with the exercises and tools to fully explore my range, both artistically and technically.

Ellen L. Susan is never satisfied with one approach. She is constantly learning, constantly networking with other vocal instructors, learning new techniques, and new ways to teach well established concepts.

Jennifer (mom of Chelsea 11, Allison 9)  After a year and a half of lessons, we have watched our girls blossom under Susan’s guidance.  The vocalizations are fun, quick and easy to practice daily, and effective.  Both girls have seen their range increase, and have acquired an understanding of their voice, and style techniques that have improved their singing.  For us as parents, the greatest reward from being in her class is the self esteem and confidence our girls have gained.  Susan is an outstanding teacher, and her ability to bring out the very best in her students often leaves our girls amazed at what they could do with their voice.  For that, we can never thank her enough!

Hannah W. Susan taught me the steps needed to improve my voice. In four lessons, I was able to sing Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson! I always felt tight in the throat, but now I know that my soft palate was getting in the way, and my intake of breath was way off. My high notes are so much easier now! Susan, I look forward to our next Skype lesson!

Chayln N. (age 17)  When I started taking singing lessons with Susan 6 yrs ago I was very shy, my voice was not very strong, and I didn’t know how to control it very well. Over the years I have gained so much confidence in myself and my voice. I feel that I have a lot more control. Susan has taught me so much and it has been a wonderful experience.

Richard W.  I have learned that power and control of a voice come not from strength and force but from the attention to details and subtleties that are not always heard but felt.

Brenda C.  I have been taking lessons with Susan for over 4 years. She is a wonderful teacher, instilling confidence as well as proper technique and skill.

Ken J.  I thought I was too old to learn to sing. When I began my lessons with Susan, my awareness of the whole process increased greatly. I now know how to have control of my larynx and breath so my musical pitches have warmer tones and don’t sound so nasal.

Laura H. The vocal exercises really work! I have been a student of Bee Music Studios for several months now. I do my exercises regularly and I can’t believe the improvement in my range, tone, and overall vocal ability.

Chloe M.  I live in Australia and take my lessons with Susan using Skype. I learned more in one lesson than I have in an entire year from my other teacher. Now I’m learning how to belt properly so I don’t get hoarse after my gigs.

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