Hockey or Music lessons for boys?

Huge decision. In Southwestern Ontario hockey is no doubt the most popular sport for boys, and probably girls too. If a boy doesn’t grow up knowing how to play hockey, then he might as well move to …. well, you know what I mean. It’s not uncommon for a hockey schedule to take up two nights a week and all day Saturday. Where can you possibly fit another extra-curricular activity in?

Do you consider music education an extra-curricular activity? Some parents don’t. Let’s realize that music education is not being taught in the classroom to the extent it once was. Some schools have abandoned their music program all together. This is a sad and unfortunate truth.

Luckily, some parents realize music education is necessary to ensure that their children learn the skills necessary to read music and play a music instrument.

Canada can thank an infamous Frances Belodis for creating Music for Young Children ( This program allows parents to be involved with their child’s musical journey in a fun and in-depth way. The graduation rate of students from the MYC program is phenomenal. Unlike when you were growing up, MYC students are much more likely to continue their musical journey throughout their life.

So, when trying to choose between hockey or music, consider both. Your child will thank you.

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