She really was listening….

I have told many of you my story before. I started singing for the elderly when my grandmother, who had dementia, was in a nursing home. I would regularly visit her, and we would sing our favourite songs together.

Sometimes, however, grandma was not in the mood to sing. I always felt a little disappointed, but I would sing all our favourite songs anyway.

I assumed grandma wasn’t listening. She certainly seemed to not be listening.

I would often mention to the staff, on my way out, how grandma was doing. Either “she was singing and smiling up a storm today”, or “no, she wasn’t in the mood for singing today.”

Then the nurses started noticing that actually I was wrong….she was singing today! They said that quite often on the days I would visit, she was happier and more engaged than she had been previously in the day.

This was so encouraging for me! All I really wanted was to make grandma happy. And I was, after all:)

2 thoughts on “She really was listening….

  1. Thank you for your posting on You tube–I can’t visit my mom in person, but I found your songs on YouTube so, I can play and sing with my mom on Video chat. Mom loves to sing along to most songs. I liked your last comment, you really wanted to make grandma happy. your music is making my mom happy. I especially love that it’s slow enough to follow along, along with the lyrics on the screen. I can’t tell you what this means for me to spend such enjoyable time together.

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