Josie, mom:  Excellent music program. My kids love going and learning music through all the creative activities and games. Music Susie keeps them excited to come back every week

Todd, dad:  The large variety of activities that Music Susie conducts during class keeps kids interested and engaged. MYC is much more fun than the lessons I endured years ago!

Anne, mom: We have been students of Susie since Simon was 3. Our classes are always fun, with engaging activities that appeal to all learning styles. Sharing this experience has been very rewarding; my son has grown in confidence beyond his music skills. MYC is such a vibrant and meaningful program.

Simon says:  It’s really fun listening and practising beats, playing songs, writing out tricky notes for other people to play, and having friends to learn with.

Laura, mom:
We have been with Music Susie since the girls were 4 and 6.  We are taking music lessons because music is an important skill that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. We chose Susie’s studio because of the fun atmosphere and appealing curriculum. It has been great to participate in the classes together, and definitely helps to make practice time at home more productive when I can reinforce what we have been doing in class!

Alison, mom:
Dear Susan: Thank you for making piano lessons so much fun! Both of my daughters take piano lessons with Music Susie and they absolutely love it. The program is so unique – the girls play games, meet friends and even get prizes. I am very impressed with the MYC program – it establishes a true love of music and the children actually learn how to make music – not just note-read. It’s an amazing way to learn piano!

Winnie, mom:
I highly recommend Music For Young Children to anyone interested in taking music lessons. I had heard about the program from extended family members. When my then 7 year old daughter expressed an interest in taking piano lessons, I chose to go with MYC. Sue McAllister-Bee was super by taking us in for the final 11 classes of her Sunbeam 1 program. This fun, positive, supportive experience was enough for my daughter to want to return. Music Susie has been wonderful for us. Both Beth and I struggle with understanding the technical theory but Sue`s games, patience and careful instruction with tin sheets, magnets among other concrete methods has cleared up some of our misunderstandings. I have appreciated the opportunity of participating in the program for the past 3 years – receiving music lessons for two people for the price of one. I do the homework as well which has helped me deal with the struggles Beth faces. It is fun to play music together. Again, I highly recommend MYC and Music Susie! It`s been a blast! Thanks Sue, Winnie

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  1. Both of my children, ages 8 and 10 look forward to going to music lessons every week. Susie’s lessons are very well planned and organized. The different activities during each lesson keep everyone’s attention and make the hour fly by. My children and I have learned so much, so quickly!

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