Overcoming stage fright……..

We all get stage fright to some degree or another. At least, we should if we have an average-size ego!

As a child I was hugely frightened to sing and perform in front of people. It took years to overcome this, but I did. I still get nervous at times. Actually it’s more of an excited feeling. My knees and hands no longer shake!

Overcoming stage fright isn’t easy, but it’s possible. If you love to sing, then singing just for yourself is only half the experience. Singing for others can fill you will joy, meaning, and confidence. Here’s what I recommend.

First and foremost, practise and get good at your craft. Be proud of your voice and skill.

Second, find opportunities that are small but numerous. Singing at church, for example, is a great way to start. So is going to karaoke bars. Singing in front of your voice teacher is a huge step as well. My mother always said, “each performance is like putting a penny into your bank of confidence.” She was so right (aren’t they always!)

I was lucky to have many many opportunities to perform and sing as a child and again as a teenager. My public school was emmersed in performing arts with a wonderful music teacher who always nutured me.

Now, I offer opportunities to all my students to perform in front of others as frequently as possible. Not only do we perform for each other, but we go to nursing homes and hospitals. Sometimes we put on little shows for charities and fund-raisers. Students get the opportunity to conquer their fears many times throughout the year, both on piano and singing.

The bottom line is you have to just do it. Do it over, and over, and over. It does get easier. Your performances will get better and better, as you conquer your fears.

Do you still get nervous? What has helped you? Let me know by leaving a comment. Thanks. Susan

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