Singers, stop shouting!

Yes, I know you like that strong powerful chest sound, but there is an easier way to get it!

Try this. Pick a song you are working on that has you singing louder to hit the high notes. It’s usually notes in the chorus…correct?

Next…sing the song starting at the chorus. Find the volume where you can handle all the notes in the chorus without flipping into your falcetto. (This is your mixed voice!) If it is straining you in the throat to do this, then you are hanging on too much. Sing lighter and let go. Again, find the maximum volume where you can sing these notes without flipping.

Try this….sing the entire chorus with nay, nay, nay. Feel the presence of resonance in your head and nose area. Now, sing with the words.  Did you need to decrease your volume? This is the volume you need to stay at. This is the max for now. (until you become a better vocal athlete!)  Now, sing the entire chorus at this volume and coordination.

Now, you need to back-up. The volume of your verse needs to be in sync with the way you just did the chorus. I don’t mean the same volume…I mean the same coordination. You need to match the intensity, and sing at the volume that matches what you just established at your maximum volume for the chorus. It will likely take very little effort to sing the verse. However, make sure you are singing it with the same “feel” and coordination you had when you sang the chorus. Don’t “fall” back into your old spot. Remember the coordination you just worked on in the chorus.

It’s very easy to slip out of this “mode” and fall back into your original “only-chest” set-up. Don’t do this! Sing the entire verse with “nay, nay, nay” and revisit the chorus just to be sure. If it feels like you are singing through your nose, then make your mouth bigger and enunciate those words. Keep a “smile” feeling in the back of your throat and raise your eyebrows. This might help you keep the “nay, nay” coordination in the verse.

Now sing the words in the verse. This is likely to seem easy and almost boring for you because you are not giving it everything you’ve got! Just remember, you are setting yourself up for success in the chorus!

Still wondering if you’re doing it correct? Check out my audio file at and see if that helps! Good luck and let me know how it goes!

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