Singing Isn’t Rocket Science….

Learning to sing better isn’t rocket science. However, difficulty can arise when a singer wants to sound like someone else.

You know what I mean. Singers may want to sound like Josh Groban, Charlotte Church, Christine Aguilera, Steven Perry, Barbra Streisand….the list goes on. We all have our favourite voices that we try to emulate.

All the above voices are different in genre, style, texture and range. Let’s face it, no two voices are alike. That’s the beauty of being an unique singer! It’s not wrong to try and copy other voices, and in fact, I think it is an integral part of growing and exploring your voice. However, your voice is unique to you, and your instrument will not sound like anyone else’s on the planet.

I suggest you change your thoughts to your preferred style and genre of voice instead of a specific singer.

When looking for a voice teacher, make sure that teacher can sing the same style of music you want to sing. Classical singing technique will typically only teach you how to sing classical and opera music. Good vocal technique to sing Broadway is sometimes hard to find. You need a teacher who understands how to belt correctly (in a strong chest mix without strain) so that the voice can be free to sing notes that are loud and very high.

And guess what? If you can find a teacher who can teach you a strong “safe” Broadway belt, then you have probably found a teacher who can teach you country and pop and jazz too. Rock singing can be a challenge, so if you are a rock singer then be absolutely sure you have a teacher who knows what they are doing! This genre of singing can be extremely dangerous on the vocal cords.

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