We’ve come a long way in 150 years…..

The industrial revolution is over. The idea that you will simply get a job in a factory when you are finished high school, or go to college/university and have a job waiting for you when you finish in no longer the reality. There is a new trend, a much different trend, a technological trend. It is up to us as parents and adults, to guide our children and teach them to make choices that will allow them to prosper in the years to come.

The education system cannot keep up with the growing and ever-changing demands of employment shifts. It is up to us as adults and parents to realize our kids need more than school can offer.

Building confidence and leadership skills in a child is challenging but worthwhile. I know, I have two children, age 10 and 13. These two qualities, I believe, are so very important for their success in the future. I try to share as much about the world and how it operates as I can.

The more we equip our children with tools to succeed in today’s world, the easier it will be for them to find employment in the future. Subjects like math (music), science, language, communication, and computer technology are vital subjects. Acquiring leadership responsibilities as they grow older will increase their confidence and ability to adjust to sudden changes like job loss or job changes.

A new revolution is underway. Employment opportunities do not exist like they use to. I don’t have a crystal ball to know exactly when things will settle………but it might not be for a long, long time. Our children are the future. We need to help them adjust, and roll with the punches.