What age should your child start taking singing lessons?

Singing lessons for young children are controversial. Here at Bee Music Studios we start studying the voice as young as 5 and 6 years old in a small group setting.

The class is meant to be fun, yet educational. We sing about cats and dogs, mom and dad, colors and animals. We twirl, skip, jump and even crawl sometimes!

We do lots of actions in our songs. This helps children stay engaged, and in the moment. We move fairly quickly from one song to the next. Children also learn how to write, read and sing back patterns such as do, re, mi, fah, so.

All the while, the children are learning about their voice. We experiment with our chest register by making certain sounds. We learn about our head register with sirens and “meows” like a kitty for instance. We experiment with differences in volume and intensity.

All these activities can tell me quickly where each student is in the development of their voice. My goal is simply to help them engage in exploring their voice and lead them away from any bad habit that I see pending.

This is why singing classes for young children are a very good thing. Encouragement to make sounds that they would otherwise not make helps them match pitch and discover their voice.