How do they do it?

That’s always the question? How do they do it?

The masters of rock and pop singing? Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. Steven Tyler, and more, how do they do it?

They are masters, indeed! Some may say it’s genetics, but vocal experts will say that there are a few key issues going on here.

First, the cry. This is a essential. A primal sound that is key to helping everyone sing better. It is more apparent in some styles, but it is a basic concept in helping the vocal cords come together and stay together for a duration in the higher voice.

Second, the twang. This is essential as well, in every form of singing. It is more apparent in some styles than others, but it is there. In Speech Level Singing, we experience this with “nay, nay, nay”. As I understand it, this, and the cry, will tilt the larynx, and change the vocal tract, and allow you “to mix” your lower chest tones with your higher tones”. If done without constriction for external factors (such as throat constriction, or false cord constriction) then the voice can resonate well and exhibit a loud, strong mix quality to the voice.
Do you have questions about the “cry” and “twang” of the voice? Please let me know. Susie Q.