The benefits of amplified acoutics on your voice

Have you ever noticed how nice your voice sounds in the shower? Do you not agree the shower is the absolute best place to listen to yourself sing!

There are a few good reasons for this. First, the steam from a hot shower is a healthy treat for your voice box. Second, you are usually showering alone (notice I said usually), and nothing helps you relax more than when you’re singing and no one is listening!

Third is the benefit of a reflective acoustical space created by the hard surfaces present in most bathrooms (mirrors, tile floors, and no carpet!) The reverbant sound of your voice feeds your mind with a lush, velvety smooth sense of one’s own voice.  Now if only you could amplify that! (And yes, you can!)

My experience has always been that when I’m singing with amplification and some reverb added, I am really able to enjoy listening to myself. It fills me with a sense of being in a much bigger place with a much bigger voice……and who doesn’t want a bigger voice?!

This scenerio is likely to lessen the urge to sing too loud and push too much air through your vocal cords. Listening to yourself in an enjoyable way helps you relax and “feel” your instrument. Ultimately that is what good singing is…..the ability to feel how good you can sound! What do you think? Do you sound good in the shower?