How should I train my voice?

So I’ve been jogging lately to get in better shape and stay healthy.

The first time around in my neighorhood is my warm-up. I start out walking at a medium pace and by the end of the round I’m ready to step it up.

The second round I’m jogging. I set a pace that has me breathing in a rhythmic pattern that I know I can endure to the next round.

By round three I’m feeling tired. I’ve reached my peak and my technique is starting to fail. I go back to walking the rest of the way home.

Why am I telling you this? Because this is a good way to train your voice.

First round is your warm-up. Second round is your work-out. Third round is your warm-down.

How long each round is can vary, and what you do each round can vary. For me, lip rolls and sirens through my entire range is both my warm-up and warm-down. My work-out is my longest round, but that’s because I’m in good shape (vocally that is, certainly not jogging!)  You may find you spend most of your time in the warm-up, and your round two of working intensely is for only a short time. That’s OK. Being a vocal athelete takes time, commitment and training….regular training, every day.

Why I Chose Seth Riggs…

I’ve been training and teaching voice for many years. I’ve always found it fascinating why some people can sing sooooo beautifully and others have such trouble, with or without vocal coaching. Some people are just born with the freedom and ease of singing more than others………….or are they?

I first came across Speech-Level Singing and Seth Riggs when looking online for more vocal information. Seth Riggs’ “Singing for the Stars” was the best thing I ever found. Here is a technique that finally makes sense. No more manipulating your face, your body, focusing on your diaphragm and breath, but rather a technique that simply gives the vocal cords a good work-out. Very much like going to the gym. Finally exercises that take you through as much as an octave and a half of your vocal range in ONE SCALE. Now this makes sense. Flexibility and ease getting from your chest voice to your head voice in one scale EVERY TIME.

This was the first time I’d ever heard of “mixed voice”. Again, what a concept for a pop singer! Speech-Level Singing that uses a strong chest voice in the “mix” is what most singers are looking for these days. We all want to have a powerful, strong voice that can sing on and on and on…..

I’ve since joined the Seth Riggs organization and will be certified Level 1 this year. I continue training weekly with master SLS teachers all over the world. Seth Riggs, himself, cannot teach everyone. Instead, he has hand-picked his teachers to teach SLS to the world at large.

If you have the opportunity to take Speech-Level Singing lessons from a certified coach, you will not be disappointed. The CD’s and book are only so helpful without the feedback of someone who can tell you what your voice should be doing. We all have habits that stop us from freeing our voice through the bridges (breaks). Only a real-life coach can help you learn what your tendencies are. Then, the CD’s and book really make sense.

There is a lot of information online about Speech-Level Singing. Brett Manning has created an empire with his Singing Success package. Brett Manning was also a long-time student of Seth Riggs before the Seth Riggs SLS organization was started. Brett’s online videos are very helpful at understanding the aspects of Speech-Level Singing, and he has associates now teaching style along with the technique.

So, check out Brett Manning and Seth Riggs online. You can find certified Speech-Level Singing teachers at this website All SLS teachers in the Seth Riggs organization must continue their training so that the true definition and benefit of “Speech-Level Singing” doesn’t become tarnished or changed. The method is set by Seth Riggs. It produces excellent results and should not be modified or manipulated with other exercises or methods. It doesn’t need to be. It is complete as it is. It works and it was created by Seth Riggs!

Why not leave your comment? Have you tried SLS? Will you in the future?