Raise Your Voice by Jaime Vendera

If you are still trying to figure out how to belt correctly, then you need to read Jaime Vendera’s book, Raise Your Voice.

This book has it all. Every little byproduct of good singing technique is in this book. His tell-all approach is inspiring and contagious. He doesn’t miss a thing.

What I really appreciate from this book is the reminder that first and foremost, a singer needs to be healthy, and remain healthy for optimum vocal performance. He goes into great detail about how to take care of your body, your voice, and your mind.

It’s an easy read and very motivating.

The author is the same guy who can shatter crystal goblets with his high-pitched screams. He appears truly humble in this book, and proudly shares the stage with many other famous and not-so-famous vocal coaches on different ideas, tips and coordinations.

I recommend every singer learning to belt or sing in any extreme manner, read this book. It is not for the amateur, and in fact, that may be the only downside of this book. It may lead the reader to believe it’s as simple and direct as he seems to indicate it is. When, in fact, belting is truly a condition where nothing is as simple as it seems……..