Where are you going to find your voice teacher?

As I have said many times before…I’m glad I didn’t take voice lessons as a teenager!

Why? Because I would have gone to the old lady down the street who directs the church choir….that’s why! There were no other options where I grew up.

And watch out. There are still many more choir-like teachers in your city than teachers of what-I-like-to-call 21st Century Singing teachers.

So, where should you take voice lessons?

First, you need to do your research. Watch out for university trained classical singing teachers if you want to sing R&B or country or pop or rock. This is not an ideal situation. Now that being said, there are some classically trained teachers who do understand a commercially viable sound in chest voice and mix…….but I believe they are few and far between.

Remember, your goal isn’t to blend in with all the other singers……….your goal is to stand out among the other singers!

Music Theatre has changed….

Are you ready for your auditions?

Do you have a song ready in every genre? That includes legit, rock, pop, R&B?

Over 70% of musical theatre productions now include genres other than legit. Men, can you stay connected in your “rock” voice up G or A above middle C? Ladies, can you reach high C and D without flipping to legit?

If it hurts and doesn’t sound bright and resonant, then you are not connecting your low register with your high register. Split resonance is essential for great singing.

Talk to your teacher. Make sure they know what they are doing. Better yet, make sure you know what you are learning.