The future of education…where are we going?

I wanted to go to university when I graduated from high school but my family didn’t have the money. All my friends were going to university, and I truly felt “less than them” because I had to go to college … it was affordable.

Twenty-five years and tons of experience later, I’m actually content that I didn’t go to unversity.

I have a special friend, bless her heart, who was a professional student for what seemed like forever. She studied psychology and sociology for years. She is now finally working full-time as an office administrator making a reasonable salary, but still owing thousands and thousands in student loans.

I talk about this because I have two children age 10 and 13, and I wonder what their future is going to be. I honestly have to say that I have little in the way of savings for their education. You see, I am self-employed, divorced, and not in a position to put a lot of money away for their education. This is not the best scenerio, but it is the unfortunate truth.

But, is it really unfortunate?

I’m not worried. I don’t feel the post-secondary education system is an automatic set-up for a job when they graduate. Instead, I believe they need to learn how to “fit it” with the ever-changing ways of today’s world.

I cannot predict the future, but I have this strange feeling that universities are not going to be the number one choice of education for families of the next generation. What do you think?