Does your child sing all the time…….what age should they start lessons?

The majority of singing teachers suggest a child should start taking singing lessons around the age of 9. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Children can start taking singing lessons as soon as they have the desire to sing!

By the age of 9 children have already established “habits” that can be difficult to change. The easier way is to develop these habits from an early age. If the child is going to be singing all the time anyway, why not encourage and teach them how to do this properly at an early age.

One important factor is to have the parents involved. A 5-y-old is not likely going to practise in between lessons, unless the parent helps establish that routine at home. If you treat her vocalizing the same way you treat doing her homework, and brushing her teeth, then the voice will grow and develop to be a strong and beautiful instrument.

So if your little one is always singing, and talks about being the singing star, why not encourage great vocal development that will stay with them through their entire life!

Do you have any questions or comments, why not let me know what you think.