Broadway singers must demonstrate belt

I’ve said before what a tough job it is for female Broadway singers these days. Most casting directors are requiring singers to demonstrate a belt, as well as show a nicely mixed legit voice. Not many auditions require a legit soprano voice anymore. Instead, they are looking for a legit voice that can sing from the bottom up without a break in the middle….a strong chest voice with a mix that can ascend into a belt without flipping.

Where to learn contemporary singing techniques?

We all want our kids to get a superb education and university is, of course, the only way to get a “degree” in voice.

This post is simply to make singers aware of the changes happening very fast in the music business. If singing is your passion, and you want to work with your voice for your life, then university for voice may or may not be a good idea.

A lot of singers dream of working on Broadway.  Are you aware that auditions now on Broadway require not only a legit voice, but a voice that sing rock and pop. Are you able to sing in both styles?

Today’s singer needs to be versatile. Today’s singer on Broadway needs to be able to sing many styles. Sopranos need to know how to access their chest voice and be able to sing in a speech-like quality. Some teachers do not teach this.

Singers, beware. Know what you want. Then go find it.