How to Become A Vocal Athlete

To become a better singer, you must simply exercise. You must exercise with correct form and attention to detail. It’s no different than going to the gym to workout your body.

We have all seen people who go to gym and simply go through the motions. Their form is not disciplined, and therefore the correct muscles are not activated when doing the exercise.

This is the same situation when singing. If you are not activating the correct muscles and coordination within the throat and larynx to do the exercise on hand, then you are simply wasting your time. Other muscles are doing the job instead……..and that is what we are trying to change in the first place!



Be A Vocal Athlete

If you wanted to get your body fit, chances are you would join a gym and/or hire a personal trainer. Getting your voice in shape to sing well is really no different. Chances are you would take singing lessons from a professional singing teacher or coach.

You can certainly get fit without going to a gym if you know what you are doing. So, can you learn how to be a vocal athlete without the guidance of a singing coach?

Professional singing coaches should be able to tell you what is standing in the way of becoming a better singer at the first lesson. They should be able to tell you how your voice works, and what issue(s) is possibly stopping you from improving. Then they should be able to show you some exercises that will instantly improve your voice in some way or another.

Has your voice been diagnosed? A great voice is usually a balanced voice. Working on that balance would typically need a professional’s ear and knowledge to get the best results. Once you know what to work on, and know that you are doing your exercises properly, then indeed, you may become a vocal athlete without the guidance of a good coach!