Belting….is it safe?

Well, that’s a good question. It is…..and it isn’t!

The voice is a fragile instrument, however it can hold up to elements of abuse at times. If you think of your vocal cords as the movements of a dancer, you can visualize the motion and flexibility that is required for good singing.

A good dancer makes movements look so easy and graceful. They can move their muscles in a sustained flow that allows challenging moves to happen without harm. They are trained and conditioned to do this.

Singing is simply the dance. Without the conditioning and training, the cords get “banged up” and abused. The cords can handle this intermittently. Just like a bruise on your body will heal, so will your voice. But repeated movements, without the conditioning and effort of the correct muscles throughout the entire body, will inevitably hurt the singer.

Knowledge is your best friend. Learn how to condition your voice. It’s your instrument of choice. Just like a piano player practises scales, the singer must “practise” as well.