21st Century Singing

Singing lessons with Susan will help you break your bad vocal habits and show you what’s standing in the way of getting the singing voice you always wanted.

Students learn to “mix” their vocal registers. This is a balancing of the voice between the high notes and low notes.  It is essentially a blending of chest and head voice resonances. With the proper exercises, the vocal cords learn to stay together and function independently from any outer neck muscles.

Singers learn how to get a smooth and easy transition through the bridge (passagio), which increases the range and power without reach or strain.  All of this is done with a larynx resting at the level where you speak.

Singing in “mix” allows for a full spectrum of overtones with no added tension, manipulation of the tongue, soft palate, or larynx.

Because you learn how to sing and not what to sing, “mix singing” can be applied to any style of music; Country, Rock, Pop, Musical Theatre and Classical.  Learn how to control your voice and make the sounds you want without unnecessary strain.

Whether you are learning to sing for your own pleasure, or in a band working 5 nights a week, learning to “mix” can help you.

Do You Want To Hit Unbelievable High Notes?

Do You Want A Voice With Power And Loudness?

Do You Want To Be Able To Do All Of That As Easily As You Hum?

Small group, workshops and private lessons available.

For information please contact the studio.

Online lessons are easy. All you need is high speed internet.

Each lesson is recorded and vocal exercises are provided.