About Susie

Susan has been a professional piano player and singer for over 40 years… since the age of 16. Wow, that’s a long time! She has performed with many different kinds of bands over the years including rock ‘n roll, Christian, Irish, and country bands. Along the way, she has experienced many of the challenges that singers face including strain, hoarseness, and fatigue.

In the ’90s, she set out to learn as much as possible about the voice. She studied with renowned teachers, achieved Grade 9 classical voice, all while raising a family and continuing to sing and perform in a dance band. In the early 2000s, she studied speech level singing with Level 5 master teachers.

Susan has never been satisfied with learning only one vocal method. She has attended courses in Estill Vocal Technique and The Lovetri Method, and has trained with master teachers from IVTOM (International Voice Teachers of Mix). Each technique has taught her something different and unique about the voice that she continually shares with her students.

Susan continues to perform professionally, and runs a thriving music studio in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. Her years of experience have given her a unique edge and perspective to teaching. Her students are singers in rock and Christian bands, musical theatre, church choirs, school choirs, and some students take lessons simply because they love to sing!

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