About Susie – the teacher

Susie is a certified Music for Young Children® and Music Pups® teacher.  She has a background in music engineering and production from the Music Industrial Arts™ program at Fanshawe College (1981) in London, Ontario, Canada, and studied piano and music theory with the Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music™.

Susie currently teaches Conservatory Canada™ Contemporary Idioms to students wishing to play contemporary music such as jazz, blues, swing, ragtime, boogie woogie, rock, as well as classical.

Susie has studied contemporary voice techniques (Speech Level Singing with the Seth Riggs Organization and Estill Voice Technique) for the past ten years.  Her earlier studies originate from the Western Conservatory of Voice™, as well as many years of private study of Bel Canto technique.

Susie continues to study and compare various methods and voice co-ordinations suitable for training the voice in today’s music business. She continues to help country, pop, rock and musical theater students achieve sounds that are familiar for today’s music business, and at the same time provides students with sound voice instruction to sing in any style of music they wish.

Susan has years of experience in the music business that has led her to a point where she has the desire to share as much knowledge and information as she can with other singers and musicians. It is the actual experience of living the life of a full-time singer and musician that translates into a true passion to teach others what she has learned first-hand.