Pavarotti soothes pain from video clip…

I just watched a video clip that I wish I never opened. I’m vocalizing now (well sort of, at the same time as I’m writing). Specifically I’m lip-rolling to Pavarotti…..he’s loud. It is soothing me, relaxing me after an exhausting weekend at a conference…specifically after watching a horrible video on line. It’s late and I need to go to bed.

Pavarotti and vocalizing is slowly calming me. Slowly, considering the stress I feel since finishing the video. Why the hell did I watch that. Damn you Eric Arseneau!

No, I don’t want you to watch the clip. I definitely don’t recommend it. How can anyone in their right mind record such hatred.

3 thoughts on “Pavarotti soothes pain from video clip…

  1. I can’t believe it… I’m so afraid and how can I say this feeling. weeping weeping weeping …….. Why Is this world like this? They must be bound to Satan. How cruel!!

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