It takes all kinds to make the world go round…

You’ve heard the saying before…it takes all kinds to make the world go round. Well, the same goes for musicians and how they play their music. Some musicians can read music as easy as reading the newspaper. Others can play music without reading anything. They make it look sooo easy. Who is to say which is better? Frankly, I think having both abilities is the best of both worlds.

In Music for Young Children, the students learn to sight read music as well as learn to “listen” to musical structures. These are two very important building blocks for success in the lifetime of music understanding. Students learn how to “improv” or play around within a musical key. They even compose songs yearly.

There is no better time to start your child off on the right musical path than right now. There are entry levels into the program for ages 2 and up. Even teenagers can benefit from The Music for Young Children Best Choice program.  For information just visit their website at and look up a teacher near you!