Yes, everyone can sing!

I have a wonderful motivating story for you!

Mister W. has been seeing me for singing lessons for about 3 months. He is 33 years old and his favourite band is Stone Sour ……… He has never sang in school or a choir, or in front of anyone for that matter. He was what you would call a “closet-singer”.  He only made sounds when he knew no one was listening.

Mr. W. had a lot of trouble matching pitch during first few lessons. For one thing, he was nervous, which is totally normal when you first meet someone and you have to try and sing in front of them. But, he was determined. He had always wanted to be able to sing and I told him it was definitely possible if he is willing to do the work.

Three months later, he is proving to himself, that indeed, he can sing. He has been doing his exercises regularly, and he is now vocalizing at the level of what I call …. A Singer!! Yes, he is matching pitch ascending and descending through his 1st and 2nd  passagio.

His family thinks this is incredible, however, the truth is …. he has worked hard and it is paying off. I paved the path and he has followed diligently. He did exactly what he was asked to do …. twice a day ….. everyday!