How far did you go with your piano lessons?

Boy, times have changed! I don’t recall a lot of exciting times at my music lessons while I was growing up.  How about you? Did you take music lessons? Did you continue? Did you enjoy them?

A very high percentage of people are going to say they took music lessons for a few years and then quit. Why did you quit? The majority will say the process was difficult and boring. It continued to get more challenging and you didn’t have the motivation to keep at it.

Today children can learn music in a very different way. This CBC news video of a Music for Young Children class in Summerside, PEI, Canada, is a good example of how kids are learning today.

OK, so get this. This video is level 1 students as young as 3 and 4 years old learning music and piano. Each year these kids move up the ranks of the MYC curriculum and around age 8 and 9 they reach the top level and graduate with Grade 1 piano and Preliminary Rudiments! This is highly unusual unless you are a Music for Young Children student!  Visit for more information.

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We all want smart kids…

My kids are almost 9 and 12 now. I wanted them to have many experiences as a baby and toddler that would stimulate their brains and help make them smarter. You know, that “window of opportunity”. Research has proven that exposure to music in the first years of life has a very positive effect on the brain. Here are a few ways to encourage stimulation through music.

1. Singing with sounds…not words. For instance, ba, ba, ba or do do do, bup bup bup…….sounds like these that a baby can imitate. Do them high, do them low.

2. Touching to the beat or rhythm of a song.

3. Smiling and moving while they watch you sing.

4. Using an instrument such as an egg shaker or bell. Drumming with a kitchen utensil.

5. Creative movement to the beat….swinging, crawling, jumping.

A highly-acclaimed music program for babies and todders originates in Atlanta, Georgia called “The Music Class”. They have teachers who are qualified to teach early childhood music education all over the world, and the curriculum is superb. Sessions run for 8 to 10 weeks at a time, and the parent and child meet with other parents and children in a circle setting.

In this video watch Roy Sayer of  The Music Class with one of his classes.