Copy, copy, copy

There I said it. Now I’ll wait for all the criticism.

Oh yes, I’ve been criticized for telling you to copy from your favourite singers. I’m constantly thinking about the pros and cons of training and listening to your teacher, versus listening and copying as many different singers as you can.

My own teaching experience shows that anyone with a sense of musicality and self-awareness can learn so much by experimenting and copying other singers. Notice I said musicality. These are the singers who notice the subtleties in someone else’ voice as well as their own. These singers are able to recognize the definite connection in their own body with the efforts that make good and healthy sounds.

Too many singers put the emphasis on their teacher only to teach them how to sing. I suggest that you get out of your comfort zone and experiment! Read everything you can about how to sing better. There is loads of information online.

But, remember these rules: If it hurts, tickles, or scratches, then your body needs to figure out what is wrong. And, more likely than not, you are simply pushing. So back-up, relax, and do it again.

This is not the answer for everyone, but it surely is for many. Self-awareness is key to self-improvement.