What age should your child start piano lessons?

What age did you start piano lessons? I was around 7 years old. My mother would drop me off at a lady’s house and we would sit beside each other at the piano for a half an hour. I really liked it at first. I can’t exactly remember when things started to change………

She was a nice lady and I tried hard to please her. I remember asking my mother if I could quit. I think I was 9 or 10. Quitting was not an option, so I had to stick with it. Thank goodness I had my grandmother around to show me fun things like chording and singing with the piano. And, thank goodness my mother made me stick with it!

The process of learning to play an instrument is not always easy. We all want the end results, but we are not always willing to put in the work to achieve these results. This is where the Music for Young Children program can help.

The curriculum in the Music for Young Children program is set up so that your child will succeed. With your loving support, and the fun atmosphere of learning the piano with new friends in the same class, your child is well on his/her way to establishing the happy habit of practising. Your child’s musical journey can start right away with the Music for Young Children program found all over the world.

Children as young as 3 1/2 are meeting the critters who live on the keyboard. These children have no problem remembering Fireman Fred who lives at the Fire Hall. They practise finding his note by sliding down the first black pole in the Fire Hall. 

You might think these lessons are expensive, but they are absolutely not. Classes for ages 4 & up are one-hour long and cost no more than the average half-hour piano lesson in your city/town.

So, what’s holding you back. Every child should have the opportunity to learn to play the piano. There is no easier way than with the Music for Young Children program.

What age should my child start piano lessons?

It use to be that the recommended age for a child to start piano lessons was around 5 or 6. It needed to be an age where they were able to sit, listen attentively, and look at a music book for half an hour. Well, thanks to Music for Young Children, those days are gone. Now a child can start to learn the piano at the tender age of 3. We call these little guys “Sunshines”. Sunshines get to meet some very nice critters who live on the piano/keyboard.  They meet Dino the Dinosaur who lives in the dinosaur den, and they meet Fireman Fred who lives near the Fire Hall. These little Sunshines are making music with their friends in their very first lesson.

No longer does your child need to be able to read left to right before starting piano lessons. Instead, Music for Young Children teaches them to read left to right, and helps them get ready for kindergarten. No longer does you child need to sit on a piano bench for a half-hour. Instead, Music for Young Children lets your child explore the wonderful world of learning music with creative movement, rhythm instruments and singing.

The Music for Young Children program is celebrating 30 years this year. MYC  is taught all over the world. You can find a teacher near you at www.myc.com.