Careful balance between technique and freedom……

Our goal as a singer should always be to create an experience for the listener. This experience could be many things…ie, emotions like joy or sadness, physical energy, or the recall of a memory.

The listener is just an everyday person wanting an experience that affects them positively. The listener is looking for a singer who can relay the feelings and thoughts that they maybe cannot relay themselves.

That is the singer’s job.

However, when a singer is “too” technical or careful, some of the essence is missing. Singing needs to be playful …. not too careful. The listener must believe the singer. A good singer has the freedom to “play” around good technique and express the magic of his/her song and voice. 

Without good technique, the singer can disturb the listener. The listener can be put off easily with squeezy vowels and splatty tones. The singer may have good intentions, but without good technique the listener is not likely going to have a positive experience.

Good technique and playful freedom go hand-in-hand with good singing. A singer who is technically sound and playful at the same time can express everything the listener wants to hear.




Which is better….to be a great singer or to be an interesting singer?

Well, I’m sure not everyone is going to agree with me on this one. Let’s start by defining what I mean by “great.”  By great, I mean “perfect.” I mean close to perfection, as in singing “properly.”

In my humble opinion, a pretty voice is sometimes boring.  

A pretty voice sometimes lacks the surprise and edge that comes with doing to our vocal cords, what we are not suppose to do! Does that make sense?

I love it when I hear a great singer bend the rules and stretch the boundaries.  But here is the trick. A great singer knows when he/she is going beyond “perfect”. In fact, they are risking their voice for that very reason… be interesting. A great singer who is interesting……… there’s the ticket.

Being a great singer comes first.

Being a great singer who is interesting will outshine everyone.