My Prediction

I predict we will continue to be amazed! As young musical people listen to an array of unique and interesting singing voices on the internet, they learn that anything is possible. The human mind and body is so remarkable, and the internet can be a great teacher! Young singers who explore their voice and the sounds they can make from an early age are raising the bar for others.

True natural talent is the young singer who has figured out the freedom of their own voice at a young age, and sings with that freedom daily.

Young singers are no longer simply influenced by teachers at their local church or school, or singers they hear on TV or the radio. Now they are influenced by what other young singers are doing all over the world.

Young singers who find the freedom and release, that encompasses the art of performing with emotion and spirit, are popping up everywhere.

I am not saying that any young singer can learn to do this! Oh no, by far! It is a rare young person who will figure this out. I am simply stating that we will continually be amazed by young naturally talented singers who do!

Jackie Evancho … Opera singer or child who mimics

I recently read some very disturbing opinions about Jackie Evancho, the young 11 year old opera singer, and her “modified” voice on the internet.

I feel very bad for this little girl and her family, and I hope they never have to read what I just did.

When I hear this little girl sing I get goosebumps. Yes, I analyse her voice, and yes, I see her jaw wobble, but this is an angel who sings from her heart and soul.

There will always be children who learn to mimic what they hear and/or see very well. This is not anything new. However, now, in the 21st century when most people have access to the internet, children are learning more and developing faster than ever before. We will continue to be amazed by children on the internet who can do things that we never thought possible.

Is it really so amazing? In my opinion, no, not really. The internet has opened windows of opportunity for these children and young people to be seen and loved. The internet has given them not only the opportunity to view the best in the world, but to mimic the best in the world.

I believe we will continue to be amazed.