Top 10 reasons music lessons with Music for Young Children is a better choice than traditional private.

1. Learning to play a musical instrument can be a lonely venture. In MYC, parents and peers share in their musical experiences. Experiences that will be remembered forever.
2. In MYC, students are motivated to practise and move ahead at a steady pace. This is done with incentives and an age-appropriate curriculum that has been successful for over 30 years.
3. In MYC, students typically graduate with higher marks in conservatory exams, and they do this at a younger age.
4. In MYC, students don’t just learn the piano, they learn the language of music. This knowledge stays with them forever as they go on to learn other instruments.
5. In MYC, we keep learning music fun. We play games and sing songs to help us remember concepts.
6. MYC encourages students to play music with others. That is why we play scales and some songs together. This encourages the student to listen and play at the same time.
7. In MYC, lessons are very cost-effective. Lessons are one-hour long and cost about the same as a half-hour traditional private lesson.
8. In MYC, students make music friends.
9. In MYC, students learn how to chord and play by ear. This is an important element of music training. Most traditional lessons focus on sight-reading alone.
10. We all know that learning to play a musical instrument is not a easy thing to do. In MYC, the success rate of graduate students going on to private study and taking what they have learned to the next level is huge. These students are smarter. These students have learned so much. These students are your children!