Attack of the mask

For those of you studying speech level singing, this term may make no sense. As a singer, you owe it to yourself to explore other methods and insights to be the best singer you can possibly be.

Attack of the mask is the same concept that all coaches are aiming for with their students…cord closure, breath control, and tone.

Let’s face it. Although the lingo and paths may differ, all methods are trying to do the same thing. And, that is pave the way for you to improve your singing voice.

I actually like the concept of “attack of the mask” (Vocal Release Program by Eric Frey) for some singers. I have also had results with “above the pencil” (Zen of Screaming by Melissa Cross) with some students as well. ¬†Whatever concepts get you to thin out your vocal cords and control your onset so you are singing in your head voice are good options. There is also “covering” (The Vocalist Studio by Robert Lunte). If it works for you, that’s great!!