Thick folds are the hardest to bridge….

If you have thick vocal cords, you are both blessed and cursed. Let me explain.

Thick folds create big sounds. Sounds like Adele, Rhianna, Serena Ryder, Whitney. It’s a bit of a different story for the male voice, but for ladies, the thick sound is all over the radio. (Compare thick to the sound of thin cords of Brittany Spears).

The downside is thick folds can be more difficult to bridge, especially in the untrained singer. If you have been singing throughout your entire range for years, then hallelujah, you are probably working it well.

Thick folds are a result of many different factors. It can be generic: You know, the girls in grade school with the “man-voice”. It can be caused from years of allergies, or coughing, speech habits, or years of over-singing in bands. It isn’t good or bad, it just is.

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Adele’s new voice – Skyfall

If you are working on your chest voice so you can sing more Adele songs, you may be able to access your mix more easily in her latest song Skyfall.

Most of this song is under the first bridge (as are the others). But most importantly, there is no chorus repeatedly using thick folds through the first bridge, like she did in Rolling In the Deep, and others.

Instead, Adele is playing it safe (and so she should so soon after surgery).

The word “tall” in the chorus of Skyfall is a very light mix….she’s definitely holding back here. This part of the chorus could have been bigger. Instead she is using thinner cords with no pushing whatsoever. A beautiful blend.

The first time we hear any belting whatsoever is at the word “heart” at 2:29.

Listen to the “cry” in her voice at 3:43 on the word “stand”. Note her head register in the mix at 4:13 on “let the sky fall”.

The build does start to happen at 4:24 to 4:30. She has saved her chest voice for 4:24 to 4:30. This is the only part in the song where she carries her chest voice up through the bridge with very thick folds and a lot of air pressure. At 4:436 she releases into her head voice for a beautiful exit to her phrase.

Singers, lots to learn here from Adele’s singing……….listen to it again…….and notice.

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